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2017 Honestly Healthy




So I’m starting the New Year with the most unorthodox business plan I’ve ever seen. I’ll be honest, I don’t care if I don’t sell a single workshop or health and fitness plan, I’m going to present a product in 2017 that is 100% me


You might think that’s a strange thing to write. To be one of these ‘successful entrepreneur’s’ that I’m always seeing on social media and reading about, I should be sticking pictures of my future car and mansion on my fridge and making business plans based on what the market needs

I’ll tell you what the market doesn’t need, another skinny waisted girl flaring her abs all over her Instagram account to gain likes and intimidate women into thinking they need to buy their product based soley on fear


What the market actually needs is someone that leads a mostly healthy lifestyle that you might like yourself, in a balanced, non-obsessive manner


So, in 2017 I will share with you my honest blog. Now I’ve blogged before, most of them I haven’t actually posted, and personally I don’t think there’s anything wrong with them. Except they’re just what you want to hear. Just the kind of thing we’re told to share


You’d be surprised some of the shit you have to weed through when you’re trying to start a low start business mostly online with a limited budget. Especially if it’s an honest one. You’d be surprised the amount of people and businesses that want my time for free and my money mealy for their own benefit. As soon as I stuck the tittle ‘start up’, or heaven forbid ‘entrepreneur’ on myself it seemed all kinds of people and businesses came out of the woodwork to help me get ‘off my feet’ and ‘succeed’, for a price tag of course. Now don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing bad about charging for a service, but it took me a while to work out who saw me as a way for them to make money for themselves, and who thought I actually had a great product


You might wonder why I’m telling you this and what on earth it has to do with health and fitness. Well, it has everything to do with health and fitness. This little world that I spent the last few years dipping my toes into is how you receive information. I bet you thought you receiving health information would have something to do with research, maybe with a dash of professionalism and heaven forbid some realism

I don’t think so

 And people wonder why they don’t succeed with their health goals

So brace yourself for 2017. I’m going to tell you all kinds of things

I’m going to tell about health and fitness marketing, like Facebook ads and how as an online business owner you feel forced into buying their ‘sponsored’ ads, and I’ll talk about why I stopped. I’m going to tell you about sharing on social media, why I love to share on my personal account as much as my business and why I think the ‘Snapchat My Story’ is a fantastic tool for ‘realism’. If you follow me you will see me when I’m happy, tired, working, days off, getting outdoors, eating healthy, eating chocolate, watching motorsport and of course working on my health and fitness. It is one of the most real social media forms there is, and a great way for you to see how my personality and habits help me form a healthy balanced ‘non obsessive’ lifestyle in the real world. A marketing manager just can’t do that 

I’m going to tell you about some of the highs and lows of being a client myself and a pt in the fitness industry. I’m going to tell you about how every man and their dog tries to get me to sell something for them, again their gain not mine, and how I can sadly see so many people sell out to this with no health gain

I’m going to tell you about how much I love my body, I’m strong, I have great abs, cellulite that I will never purchase a filthy product to get rid of, and most of all I am able bodied and happy. I’m going to help you learn to love not just your body and but other women’s as well, never green eyed, just proud of what you and other women have

I’m going to tell how I made peace with myself, and wake up every day genuinely happy, which is really what it’s all about

I’m going to tell you about moving to the Gold Coast, as surprisingly ‘why did you move there’ is one of the most common questions I get, not sure why, considering some of the random places I’ve lived over my life. I’ll likely tell you about that too

I’m going to tell you about thinking positive and enjoying social media instead of it being a demon

I’m going to tell you about how I learnt to move my body and become comfortable with that. Exercise changed my life, it’s been such a positive

I am not an athlete. I’m just a girl from a cattle station who works as a shift worker, eats mostly healthy with a dash of exercise, watches motorsport and hangs out with friends, occasionally with a glass of wine or beer

Most importantly I’m a girl who wakes up happy, and I’m going to tell you all about it

Talk soon

Jaqs x







October 10, 2017

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