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Are You Willing To Receive How Great You Are.

Pure Confidence. To feel and know and believe how great you are is the essence of you and when you realise this you will radiate confidence…naturally!

The Courage To Do What THE Experts Say = Confidence!

The opportunity does not show up without the means to make it happen, it’s a universal law of polarity! You’ve just got to claim it!

Confidently Breakthrough!

On the other side of this overwhelm, or discomfort or awkwardness or overload is what you are working towards if you can confidently breakthrough!

Forgiveness Will Set You Free – Awareness Is The First Step

When you reach your upper limit of happiness, joy, success you will more than likely create a challenge of one kind or another to mitigate you reaching your limit. Gay Hendricks explores it in The Big Leap – and I explored it today!

Forgiveness Leads To Healing

And healing sits at the centre of your thriving and your evolving THE Rural Woman xxx

Forgive Yourself In The Moment So You Can Move On!

If you can’t recognise yourself as flawed and human and forgive yourself for not always being the perfect ideal you; you’ll stay stuck where you are. Choose forgiveness for yourself and others, releasing judgement and allowing acceptance and peace and your dreams are yours xxx

TransFARMation: 10 keys for transforming the way you farm

Are you feeling called to transform the way you farm to create a vibrantly healthy farm business and life? If so, these 10 keys can help support your mindset on your farming journey. These keys have evolved from my own farming journey which has spanned over 30 years working in agriculture as a farmer and also in coaching and extension roles with farmers.

Forgiveness And Letting It Go

There’s a wonderful, easy to use and very powerful tool of forgiveness in this video!

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