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Patient Zeal

My dirt has taught me that with the right application of knowledge and wisdom and a regenerative EASY and patient approach, you can achieve great outcomes.

What S&^T Sandwich Are You Willing To Eat? Zeal Defined!

Blisters and all…that’s what ZEAL is…knowing what pain/struggle/learning/challenge/yuck you are willing to go through in order to yield the result you are looking for.

Are we patients or health consumers?

When we see a healthcare professional, we see ourselves as patients. When we buy a health related product, we are health consumers but isn’t that the same as choosing a health care professional to consult? Learn more as I discuss the overlap of these terms.

Will You Show Up For Yourself? – ZEAL

You are there for everyone else; but are you ever present for yourself? When will you BACK yourself?

Are You Willing To Receive How Great You Are.

Pure Confidence. To feel and know and believe how great you are is the essence of you and when you realise this you will radiate confidence…naturally!

The Courage To Do What THE Experts Say = Confidence!

The opportunity does not show up without the means to make it happen, it’s a universal law of polarity! You’ve just got to claim it!

Confidently Breakthrough!

On the other side of this overwhelm, or discomfort or awkwardness or overload is what you are working towards if you can confidently breakthrough!

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