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Defining THE

The unfolding of THE Rural Woman has been an outward representation of the inward journey our founder, Rebel Black is living.

The business and all it stands for encompasses all her desires, her struggles, her dreams, her aspirations and her fears.

Within the framework of THE Rural Woman she has been able, both individually and collaboratively, to step into the words she has chosen to represent and lead this journey – Thriving, Healing and Evolving and embrace their definitions as guides for her own life.
It’s her desire for other rural women to find themselves in these words as she has.

We asked Rebel to explain THE.

Why choose these three particular words as both a mission – and a mantra?

When I searched for the definition of the words – it became obvious that they were, the most beautiful, most incredible desires to have for myself and for rural women globally.

I wanted more for all of us than just ‘being healthy’ or ‘to be a better person’ or ‘to contribute well’ or to ‘live well’ ‘be wealthy’ and these words describe, eloquently and richly those deeper desires.

I encourage you, before you read them, to find yourself in a space able to allow the words to wash over you and find their way into your heart and soul, as they have with mine…be open to the possibility that you too desire this for yourself.

You are worthy.
You are enough.

What do these words mean?

Thriving – ‘to grasp oneself’, to flourish, to grow or develop vigorously, to be fortunate or successful, to do well or prosper

Healing – ‘to become whole or sound’, the act or process to regaining health, to reconcile, to cleanse or purify, growing sound, getting well, to make healthy

Evolving – ‘to come forth gradually into being’, to unfold, open out, to develop by natural process to a higher state, to make clear

These definitions are my affirmations; they are my decision points – they are my compass.
I use them, along with the virtues, as my guide – and yours in this journey to our THE life.

When you are living according to THE, you are truly able to #bloomwhereyouareplanted which is our vision for all rural women.

October 18, 2018

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