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Generosity – What You Appreciate Appreciates

May 13, 2019


  1. Rebel,
    Your timely video messages each week are very inspiring. They always help to remind and align me with the virtue we are practicing. Thank you.
    As for our understanding of appreciation and gratitude, this is how I tend to experience it. I see appreciation as a little more personal than gratitude. Such as appreciating something which is given at a particular time in a loving or caring way. Whereas, gratitude could be for something less tangible such as peace in our heart, or perhaps for something not even welcome at the time, like an adversity through which we learn and grow as a human being. I think overall the two could be interchangeable, but I see gratitude as more of an appreciation for something that is universally given and ever available to everyone who recognises its value.
    Thank you for your beautiful messages and God bless.

  2. While writing all the above,I forgot that the Virtue for May is generosity, and the topic of appreciation came up as a result of all the generosity. Oh, well, Virtues tend to blend in with another at times; appreciation, generosity, gratitude, they’re all on the right track

  3. I love this description of the difference between generosity and appreciation Milly, thank you! It really lands well with me. Thank you for sharing and helping me understand better, I’ve not really had the ability to articulate the different feelings I had for both! x

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