If You Are A Rural Woman
And You Want To 
- Start or Scale A Business
- Be Fully Supported & Held Accountable
- Tap Into A National Network of Rural Women

- Have ALL The Tech Tools You'll Ever Need At Your Fingertips


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You've Got A Great Idea, Passion & Enthusiasm!
BUT - You Are Also Going To Need

A Clear Vision

Do you know why you are in business? Do you know what your profit goals are? Do you know the people you want to be of service to? Do you know what your product is?

A Way To Attract Customers

The old way of doing business with 'hustle' is being replace by magnetism and flow, but it requires that you have that special something that attracts your ideal customers! Do you have it in hand?

90 Day Focus Plan & Map

Most businesses fail because they failed to plan - and execute on the plan. If you don't have a 3 month plan you are likely to have a hit and miss approach and will be more likley to miss!

The Technology To Start

When starting an online business you MUST have the right tools..and you can spend A LOT of time trying the hundreds of different options out there - CRMs, Landing Pages, Websites, Blog Sites, Shopping Carts, LMS it can be confusing and overwhelming

Capability & Confidence

The reason most people fail is not because they lack the capability or competence to achieve their goals - it's because they lack the CONFIDENCE to achieve them. Do you have the complete courage to back yourself, especially when it gets tough?

Support & Accountability

If you are starting in business on your own it's easy to get distracted, side tracked and lose focus. A cheer squad, mentors and an accountability process is vital if you are going to succeed in business and not become one of the 96% of failures in the first 2 years!

If You Haven't Got These In Hand - You Need THE Rural Woman Members HUB

We know how isolating it can feel when you are living in a rural community or on a property, wanting to reach your full potential but NOT having the support or access to like-minded people OR the right training and support. It can be stressful and demorilising....
With THE Rural Woman, reach your full potential with mentoring, training and networking in business, leadership and personal development AND launch your own unique business online inside our one-login global marketplace with all the tech tools you’l need!

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THE Rural Woman Members HUB!

#bloomwhereyouareplanted & #livelocalgrowglobal

Education in Business, Leadership & Personal Development

We have collated hundreds of hours of world-class education in business, leadership and personal development; prepared and delivered by some of our brightest and smartest rural leaders and teachers. These are at your finger tips 24/7 and range from - time management to meditation for beginners to cashflow for small business and supporting a remote team.

All The Tech Tools For Online Business

One of the MOST costly and overwhelming barriers to getting started in an online business is the TECHNOLOGY. It's confusing, there are hundreds of platforms to choose from and you have to have so many different elements! We've removed ALL of those barriers with our 1 login platform.  As a Member of THE Rural Woman Members HUB you get:
- Events Management Platform
- Customised Storefront & Ecommerce
- Payment gateway
- Learning Management System (for course delivery)
- Blog & content platform
*Coming soon
- Landing Pages
- Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Networking & Mentoring

THE Rural Woman Members HUB has, at it's heart, a social networking platform, enabling you to connect with rural women around the world with internal messaging system, friend adding and you can participate in the conversations in the special interest groups! With online networking, pitching and rountable events hosted by THE Rural Woman, this amazing feature will remove your FOMO for networking for good!

Why THE Rural Woman?

Because we get you. Because we know how isolating and frustrating and hair tearingly lonely it can be to live where you live, we get it, because we live it too! But we also know, it doesn't have to be that way....we have the power to connect AND as a woman in business, you have the most incredible tool at your finger tips...the internet. This gives you the ability to #livelocalgrowglobal - to throw off the shackles of your rural geography and play in the big wide world, sharing your gifts, talents https://theruralwoman.com.au/#membershipand wisdom far and wide by selling your products and services. 
Because our sole mission is to provide YOU the space to connect with that most powerful voice within, the answers you already have and then to provide you the platforms to amplify that voice.
THAT is what THE Rural Woman was born to do, so that YOU can #bloomwhereyouareplanted
I look forward to seeing you on-the-line,
May you bloom,
Rebel x

All THE Tech Tools You NEED To Start An Online Businses

Full Support, Accountability & Training 
Access To A Global Network

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Incredible VALUE

$48 AUD p/month

  • Sell Unlimited products in your customised store
  • Send Unlimited messages/friend requests
  • Host Unlimited Events
  • Deliver Unlimited Courses
  • just 12.5% commission on sales through store

Your very own online events room is included in the cost of your membership.  Online events are the FASTEST and most effective way to educate, communicate and position yourself as a leader/business person in your community. It enables you to grow your reach beyond your home location and connect with thousands more people


All members receive access to a fully customisable store, unlimited product uploads AND a payment gateway so you can collect the $!
As long as it's legal and you can manage the logistics of distribution you can sell any product or service through THE Rural Woman! Whether you are selling e-courses or coaching programs, books, hand crafted goods or fresh produce, if you can dream it and deliver it, you can sell it here!


Your membership includes full access to a sophisticated (but simple to use) learning management system (LMS) including the ability to create your own groups, host video/pdf content AND attached quizes and tests to your course. This system enables  you to leverage the knowledge you have over and over again as you write it once into an e-course and sell it as a product through your store.


We have developed a simple BLOG system that is just like WORD it's so easy to use! People will buy from those they trust and with whom they feel a rapport and good will. One of the most powerful ways you can build trust and goodwill is through the sharing of ideas, knoweldge and your own story. We provide the perfect platform for you to do this!

PLUS: Your Products Listed In Our Global Marketplace - potential to reach 20,000+ people each week!

We've created an incredible aggregated marketplace with the products and services of ALL our Members in THE Rural Woman Members HUB! That means WE are out in there marketing YOUR products and services for you too...just like a franchisee would you can leverage the power of the collective to expand your customer base and sell more products and services!

Everything You Need To #LiveLocalGrowGlobal

Let Us Help You #BloomWhereYouArePlanted

Ready to use

All the tools are at your fingertips, all you have to do is tap into it!
No more research. No more hunting. No more wondering which platform/which tribe/which tool!

Single Login

Once you are logged into THE Rural Woman your DASHBOARD is literlaly one click away from landing you on your blog, store, social network, product listings, courses you are doing, courses you are hosting, groups you are part of...One login, One Password!! YAY!!

No Tech Skills Required

As long as you are confident and determined, you'll find THE Rural Woman easy to navigate and use. You'll bet networking & adding blogs and new products to your store very soon!

Amazing support

THE Rural Woman is powered by a SOCIAL Network of our members which provides you with amazing peer mentoring and support...as well as the accountability, training and support offered by our Team!

Responsive design

THE Rural Woman works on Mobile, Desktop and Devices, manage your business and network anywhere, anytime!

Full Training

In addition to the 25+ courses you have access to on how to use the site, we also provide Weekly accountabilty catch ups, other regular Member only trainings and events PLUS we have 24/7 helpdesk and someone on the other end of a phone if you need it!

Let Us Show You Behind THE Scenes!

Don't just read about it - actually see how simple it is to use THE Rural Woman Members HUB! We provide FULL training (video) in how to use EVERY area of THE Rural Woman, from managing your subscription to uploading your first product or hosting an event, we are with you step by step!

A Tour of THE Rural Woman with Founder, Rebel Black

Click the arrow to join the tour!

Connection is the antidote to isolation & technology holds the key"  

Rebel Black, Founder THE Rural Woman

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All The Tech Tools You Need
Incredible SUPPORT
Some Of The Trainings You Will Have Access To As A Member of THE Rural Woman!

+ Confidence

With the right tools, the right support and the right education your confidence to put yourself out there, ask for the sale, raise your prices and share your voice will be honed and expanded!

+ Clarity

The clarity of your vision, your purpose and your product will be acheived with the right trainings, guidance and support, all available within THE Rural Woman Members HUB!

+ Connection

Isolation is a real barrier for success for rural women and we know that the antidote is connection; with the right networks and opportunities to connect with like-minded rural women, your business will soar!


Manage as many online events as you like with your own Events room - 1 - 100 guests, screenshare, recording and live chat functions!


An elegant and simple to use course delivery system, fully customisable to your course requirements and also includes group hosting, gamification and quizzes. 


Fully customisable with your own logo/graphics and colours your online store will be as unique as you are and you can sell as many products/services as you can conjur up!


As easy as writing in a word document, get your first blog (video or written) uploaded in a flash and shared with the world!


We'll handle the collection of payments for your store, you only need to add your paypal email address!


What gets measured can improve - we provide you powerful store analytics so you can track and meausre your business success!


Make new friends, connect and share. We know it can get lonely in a rural location, socialise with like minded rural women!


There are way fewer than 6 degrees of separation now and THE Rural Woman network is strong and ready to share!


Whether you want to collaborate, ask advice or learn something new, you can grow your business/professional network easily in THE Rural Woman!


Use the power of leverage and networking to your advantage with your products listed in THE Rural Woman Marketplace!


Connecting to an aware, accepting and supportive network can be the greatest personal development ever!


Who knows what kind of incredible partnerships and opporutnities come from that one chance meeting at an online networking function? Amazing!

Passion and Purpose

Training in: discovering your WHY, setting your business vision, aligning your personal purpose with your business goals & more!


Training in: marketing, sales, lead generation, offer development, lead magnet creation, automation & more! 


Training in: team management & leadership, attraction marketing, community growth, personality & more!


Training in: pricing your product for profit, testing your market on price, pricing for value, sales & more!


Training in: creating the ideal product, market testing, block chain distribution, new market development & more!


Training in: cashflow management, budgeting for profit, profit maximisation, uncovering the wealthy you & more!

Join Some Of Australia's Leading Rural Women - 
A Snapshot of the 88+ AMAZING
Members of THE Rural Woman Members HUB
You Can Directly Connect With Them Through
THE Rural Woman's Powerful Online Social Network!

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