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Moon Hoax Conspiracy Theory

As we are approaching the 50th Anniversary of Neil Armstrong walking on the Moon there are people who sill do not believe that the Moon landings took place . They claim they were faked by NASA and that no human being has ever put a foot on the moon. Over the next few blog posts, I will look at different conspiracy theories and let you decide for yourself!

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One Pill Never Cures All

We live with things such as anxiety, stress and depression and yet we have a smallish selection of medications to support all the 25 million of people who are taking them. And the numbers of depressed medicated people continue to rise. Having a one pill to one problem will never work and I will tell you why.

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Focus your Energy – What do you REALLY want?

I spoke to a friend the other day. They are discontent and looking for a new career. They feel they haven't been treated well and are not appreciated by their management team, maybe it's time to try something completely different to what they've always known.

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