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Moon Hoax Conspiracy Theory 2 – Shadows on the Moon

Another argument from the folks who seek to continue the moon landing hoax theory involves the shadows can be seen on the lunar surface when the pictures that were sent back to Earth. The angle and colour of these shadows are thought to be inconsistent.

If you look in a number of images from the moon landing, it is possible even to see certain objects even though they are in shadow.

For example, in some pictures, you can still make out the plaque that the astronauts left on the moon in spite of the fact that it is lying in shadow.

The conspiracy theorists state that if the Sun is the only source of light, this could not occur. Therefore, the fact that you can see some objects in shadow must be the result of special Hollywood or movie lighting. These people believe that the Sun therefore is the only source of light in the Universe – which of course is not valid.

Although it is true that the Sun is the main source of illumination on the moon, it isn’t the only source. Another source is the lunar ground, which reflects the Sun’s light. Other sources include light reflected from the Earth and from the astronauts space suits and the lander itself. In the Apollo 11 pictures, the sunlight is being scattered or reflected off the ground every which way, and some of it—a small fraction but enough to be able to see—scatters into the shadows.

Therefore, shadows on the moon cannot be used to provide evidence of a moon landing hoax. Shadows on the Moon are also complicated by the uneven ground, stirring up of the lunar dust and wide angle lens distortion.

June 27, 2019

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