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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Welcome to The Rural Woman, an online community and virtual world dedicated to women living in, and hailing from, rural places across Australia and abroad.
As a user of the Site (you), you are bound by the following terms and conditions, our Privacy Policy and any additional terms, conditions, notices and disclaimers displayed elsewhere on the Site (Terms & Conditions) which govern your use of and access to the Site. Accordingly, you should review them in relation to all or any part(s) of the Site.
By allowing you to access the Site, TRW grants to you a licence and by accessing the Site, you accept the Terms & Conditions of this licence (EULA).
We may at any time vary and amend the Terms & Conditions by publishing the varied Terms & Conditions on the Site. You accept that by doing this, we have provided you with sufficient notice of the variation and amendment.

Below are the current Terms & Conditions of the EULA. It is your responsibility to familiarise yourself with the current Terms & Conditions each time you visit the Site.

1. Licence

  • Pursuant to this EULA and subject to the absolute right of TRW to vary access to all or any part(s) of the Site, you acquire a non-exclusive right to:(a) view the material in the Site;
    (b) access material contained in the Site; and
    (c) use the Site strictly in accordance with the provisions of these Terms & Conditions.
    This EULA commences upon your accessing the Site and continues from month to month until terminated.

2. Creating an account with us

  • When you access the Site, we will offer you the ability to create an Account.
    If you agree to create an Account with us then you agree:(a) we may use, hold and disclose your personal information which you provide to us (through your Account or otherwise) in accordance with our Privacy Policy;
    (b) that the Account will be created using our online sign up process, or any other method specified by us from time to time;
    (c) that you warrant that all information provided by you to us in the setup of the Account is true and correct in every detail;
    (d) that you will only use the Account for the purposes of using the Site and purchasing items, and for no other purpose; and
    (e) we may disable or delete your Account at any time in our absolute discretion, and for any reason whatsoever.

3. Payments

3.1 Account

  • To use the Site, you must have Internet access and provide a Payment Method.
    Unless you cancel your Account before your monthly billing date, you authorise us to charge your next month's Account fee to your Payment Method.

3.2 Free Trials

  • Your Account may start with a free trial. The free trial period of your Account lasts for one month, or as otherwise specified during sign-up and is intended to allow new users and certain former users to try the Site. If you choose to continue using the Site after the expiry of the trial period, you will be billed from the day you first added your billing details into your Account or the Site.
    Free trial eligibility is determined by TRW at its sole discretion and we may limit eligibility to prevent free trial abuse. We reserve the right to revoke the free trial and put your Account on hold in the event that we determine that you are not eligible. We may use information such as device ID, method of payment or an account email address used with an existing or recent Account to determine eligibility. For combinations with other offers, restrictions may apply.
    We will charge your Payment Method for your monthly Account fee at the end of the free trial period unless you cancel your Account prior to the end of the free trial period.

3.3 Billing

  • The Account fee for your access to the Site and any other charges you may incur in connection with your use of the Site, such as taxes and possible transaction fees, will be charged on a monthly basis to your Payment Method on the calendar day corresponding to the commencement of the paying portion of your membership. In some cases, your payment date may change, for example if your Payment Method has not successfully settled or if your paid membership began on a day not contained in a given month.

3.4 Payment Methods.

  • You can change your Payment Method by visiting the Site and updating your Account details. If a payment is not successfully settled, due to expiration, insufficient funds, or otherwise, and you do not change your Payment Method or cancel your account, we may suspend your access to the Site until we have obtained a valid Payment Method. When you update your Payment Method, you authorise us to continue charging the updated Payment Method and you remain responsible for any uncollected amounts. This may result in a change to your payment dates. For some Payment Methods, the issuer may charge you certain fees, such as transaction fees or other fees relating to the processing of your Payment Method.

3.5 Cancellation.

  • You can cancel your Account at any time, and you will continue to have access to the Site through the end of your monthly billing period. To the extent permitted by the applicable law, payments are non-refundable and we do not provide refunds or credits for any partial-month Account periods. If you cancel your Account, it will automatically close at the end of your current billing period.

4. Using the Site

4.1 Your access

  • We may, in our absolute discretion, require each user to use a user name and password provided by us.
  • Where you are supplied with access to the Site, you may be required to supply to us certain information including name, address, telephone number and other identifying information for each user, prior to being issued with a user name and password to access the Application.
  • It is your responsibility to remember and protect your password and to not give your password to any other person. You are responsible for any liability that may occur as a result of you giving your password to a third party.

4.2 Your content

  • By uploading, transmitting, posting or otherwise making available any Content via the Application, you:
    (a) grant us a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free, perpetual, license to use, reproduce, edit and republish the content in any form that you publish in the all access areas of the community;
    (b) warrant that you have the right to grant this license;
    (c) warrant that the Content does not breach our Privacy Policy; and
    (d) unconditionally waive all Moral Rights which you may have in respect of the Content.
    (e) The content you publish for the purpous of selling or conducting business e.g courses, books, video series free or otherwise remains your property and we will never share, use, reproduce, edit or republish without your express permission.

4.3 Our rights in relation to your content

  • We may (but have no obligation), in our absolute discretion, to:(a) review, modify, reformat, reject, restrict or remove any Content which you upload, post, transmit or otherwise make available (or attempt to upload, post, transmit or otherwise make available) that, in our opinion, violates the EULA, has the potential to harm, endanger or violate the rights of any person, or may breach any relevant laws; and
    (b) monitor use of the Site, and store or disclose any information that we collect, including in order to investigate compliance with the EULA or for the purposes of any police investigation or governmental request.
    We are not responsible for, and accept no liability with respect to, any Content uploaded, posted, transmitted or otherwise made available on the Site by any person other than us.
    We will not be taken to have uploaded, posted, transmitted or otherwise made Content available on the Site simply by facilitating others to post, transmit or other make Content available. Furthermore, we do not endorse any opinion, advice or statement made by any person other than us.


  • If you wish to download and use any material contained in the Site for a temporary purpose (such as viewing offline), you may do so.
    However, downloading material contained in the Site for reproduction by you may only be done upon receipt of our prior written consent, and upon payment of any fee required by us to be paid by you for that use.

4.5 Technical problems

  • In the case of technical problems, you must make all reasonable efforts to investigate and diagnose problems before contacting us. If you still need technical help, please check any support provided online by us on the Site or failing that email us at

4.6 Service availability

  • Whilst we intend that the Site and Services should be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, it is possible that on occasions the Site or Services may be unavailable to permit maintenance or other development activity to take place.If for any reason we have to interrupt the Site or Services for longer periods than we would normally expect, we will use reasonable endeavors to publish in advance details of such activity on the Site.

4.7 Your obligations

  • You must not:(a) copy or translate for commercial use, reproduce, adapt, vary or modify any material in the Site without our express consent, except as expressly authorised by this EULA;
    (b) provide or otherwise make available any material in the Site in any form to any person other than your employees, subcontractors and other agents (if any) without our prior written consent;
    (c) place a link to the Site without our prior written consent;
    (d) interfere with, disrupt, or create an undue burden on the Site;
    (e) use any robot, spider, or other device or process to retrieve, index, or in any way reproduce, modify or circumvent the navigational structure, security or presentation of the Site;
    (f) use the Site with the assistance of any automated scripting tool or software;
    (g) frame or mirror any part of the Site without our prior written authorisation;
    (h) use code or other devices containing any reference to the Site to direct other persons to any other web page;
    (i) except to the extent permitted by law, modify, adapt, sublicense, translate, sell, reverse engineer, decipher, decompile or otherwise disassemble any portion of the Site or cause any other person to do so; or
    (j) delete any attributions or legal or proprietary notices on the Site.

5. Buying and Selling

5.1 The Site

  • The Site uses our software and user Content, together with third-party services, to provide a customised platform through which users can order and pay for products and services sold by you and other users.

5.2 Your transactions

  • When you enter a transaction with another person, you create a legally binding contract with that person (Consumer Contract) that is separate to this EULA. You must ensure that you comply with your obligations to that person and are aware of any laws relevant to you as a seller or buyer.
    You expressly acknowledge and agree:(a) we are not involved in the Consumer Contract or the actual transaction between you and the other party;
    (b) if you or the other party breaches a Consumer Contract, you – not us – are responsible for enforcing any rights that you may have, fulfilling your obligations or resolving the breach;
    (c) we have no control over and do not guarantee the quality, safety or legality of items advertised, the truth or accuracy of Content or listings, your ability to sell items, the ability of Customers to pay for items or that a Customer or you will actually complete a transaction or return an item;
    (d) you alone, and not TRW, are responsible for ensuring that your listing, selling and any other activities conducted on or through the Site are lawful;
    (e) you must ensure that you comply with all applicable laws in Australia including the Australian Consumer Law in relation to any Consumer Contract;
    (f) we do not take ownership of the items sold under a Consumer Contract at any time and we do not transfer legal ownership of items from you to the Customer;
    (g) we cannot guarantee continuous or secure access to the Site and associated services, and their operation may be interfered with by numerous factors outside of our control; and
    (h) except as expressly provided in this EULA, we are not liable for any loss of money, goodwill or reputation, or any special, indirect or consequential damages arising, directly or indirectly, out of your use of or your inability to use the Site and associated services.

5.3 Listing conditions

  • By listing a product or service on the Site, you accept the following listing conditions:(a) you agree to pay our applicable fees for the listing;
    (b) you assume full responsibility for the Content of the listing and item offered;
    (c) your listing will be posted on the Site;
    (d) your listing may not be immediately searchable by keyword or category for several hours (or up to 24 hours in some circumstances), so we cannot guarantee exact listing durations; and
    (e) your listing may be based on certain factors including user name or seller, listing format, title, keywords, price and postage cost.

5.4 Our Buyer Protection Policy

  • Our Buyer Protection Policy is part of this EULA and incorporated by reference. You agree to comply with our Buyer Protection Policy and acknowledge that we may exercise our reasonable discretion to make a final decision on any case where a buyer and seller cannot come to agreement.

5.5 Our relationship

  • We are not your agent for any purpose in relation to this EULA, your use of the Site or any Consumer Contract.

6. Warranties

  • We do not warrant that the material in the Site is accurate, complete or up to date. The existence of inaccurate, incomplete or superseded material in the Site will not cause us to be in breach of the Terms & Conditions. In particular, we reserve the right to change, add or remove any material in or from the Site without notice.
    We do not warrant that the functions contained in the Site or third-party websites will be uninterrupted or without error, that defects will be corrected, or that electronic material in the Site and other third-party websites are free of viruses or other harmful components.To the extent permitted by law, all implied terms are excluded and we will not be liable for any direct, special, indirect or consequential damages, losses, expenses or costs arising out of a breach of this EULA, the supply of a defective program, or any error, omission or misrepresentation in any material on this Site. If any statute (such as the Australian Consumer Law) implies terms into this EULA which cannot be lawfully excluded, such terms will apply to this EULA, save that our liability for breach of any such implied term will be limited, at our option, to any one or more of the following:(a) the replacement of goods or services to which the breach relates or the supply of equivalent goods or services.
    (b) the repair of such goods or services.
    (c) the payment of the cost of replacing the goods or services or of acquiring equivalent goods or services.
    (d) the payment of the cost of having the goods repaired or the services performed again.

    When deciding to visit the Site, you acknowledge that you have exercised your independent judgment and have not relied on any representation made by us which has not been stated expressly in this EULA or upon any descriptions or illustrations or specifications contained in any document including catalogues or publicity material produced by us (which material may be out of date or superseded).

7. Intellectual Property rights

  • You acknowledge that the material in the Site may be the subject of copyright and that it is the subject of other intellectual property and legal rights (including third-party rights).
    You must not, during or at any time after the expiry or termination of this EULA, permit any act which infringes any of those rights and, without limitation, you specifically acknowledge that you may not copy the material in the Site, except as otherwise expressly authorised by this EULA.

8. Trademarks

  • ‘The Rural Woman’, ‘TRW’ and all associated trademarks, whether registered or unregistered, are trademarks of TRW and its related bodies corporate.
    Except as expressly provided in these Terms & Conditions, access to or use of the Site does not constitute or create a licence or any other right to use our name, trademarks, copyright or any other intellectual property.

9. Indemnity

  • By using the Site, you agree to indemnify and keep us indemnified against all liabilities, damages, claims, losses, costs and expenses, which we may incur to a third party or you due to your breach of the provisions of this EULA, or your infringement of any law or the rights of a third party in the course of using the Site and associated services.
  • The Site may contain links to other websites operated by third parties. You accept that we have no control over, and are not responsible for, any material contained on any third-party websites. You may be required to comply with all requirements of any third party over the conditions of use of that third party's website.

10. Disclaimer

  • By using the Site, you acknowledge and agree that:(a) you use the Site at your own risk;
    (b) we take no responsibility for any error or omission relating to the material contained in the Site;
    (c) we give no undertakings to provide access to the Site at any particular time, or for any particular length of time; and
    (d) we will not be held liable for any lapse in the Site’s accessibility, or any consequences whatsoever that flow from the unavailability of the Site.

11. Privacy

11.1 Your privacy

  • Our Privacy Policy sets out our obligations in respect of personal information and we use your information only as described in our Privacy Policy.

11.2 Privacy of others

  • If we provide you with information about another user (for example, as part of a Consumer Contract), you agree you will use the information only for the purposes it is provided to you. You may not disclose, sell, rent or distribute a user's information to a third party for purposes unrelated to the Site and associated services. Additionally, you may not use information for marketing purposes, via electronic or other means, unless you obtain the consent of the specific user to do so.

11.3 Investigations

  • For security, confidentiality and privacy reasons, we are not obligated to provide you or other users the details of any investigation that we conduct or any action which we take, in relation to your use of the Site other than those that are already provided to you by us.

12. Termination

12.1 Breach

  • Without limiting any other remedies available to us at law, in equity or under this EULA, we may, without notice to you and in our sole discretion (which shall be exercised reasonably, having regard to the circumstances), issue you a warning, restrict your activities through our Site (including but not limited to buying, selling and posting activities), temporarily suspend, indefinitely suspend or terminate this EULA and your access to the Site (including any Content) if:(a) you have, or we believe that you have, breached this EULA (which includes any of our policies forming part of the Terms & Conditions) in any way;
    (b) we are unable to verify or authenticate any information you provide to us;
    (c) we believe that your actions may cause loss or damage to or otherwise unlawfully harm you, our users, third parties or us, our related bodies corporate or affiliates, our directors, employees or agents; or
    (d) if we reasonably believe that any of your Content is inappropriate or of an offensive nature.

12.2 Termination

  • Upon termination:(a) you remain liable for any accrued charges and amounts which become due for payment before or after termination;
    (b) you must immediately cease to use the Site; and
    (c) you or your representative must destroy any copies, electronic and printed, of material obtained from the Site that you have in your possession or under your control or otherwise return or dispose of such material in the manner directed by us.

13. Waiver

  • Failure or neglect by TRW to enforce at any time any of the provisions of this EULA shall not be construed or deemed to be a waiver of our rights under this EULA.

14. Jurisdiction

  • This EULA shall be governed by and construed according to the laws of the State of New South Wales, Australia. You consent to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in New South Wales to determine any matter or dispute which arises under this EULA.

15. Interpretation

15.1 Definitions

  • In this EULA, unless the context requires otherwise, the following terms have the corresponding meanings:
  • Account means an end user account with us (but only if you do not have an existing account)
  • Confidential Information means all financial and other commercially valuable or sensitive information of a party in whatever form which the party regards as, or which by its nature is, confidential, proprietary or of a commercially sensitive nature including: (i) your non-public information; (ii) our non-public information; (iii) the terms and conditions of this EULA including pricing; (iv) information relating to either party’s customers or your and their non-public information; and (v) all other exchanged software, data, information and materials marked as confidential or that should otherwise be understood to be confidential in the reasonable exercise of the receiving party’s judgement.However, Confidential Information does not include (i) information which is lawfully in the public domain prior to the commencement of this EULA or, in the case of information disclosed to a party after that date, prior to its disclosure to that party by another party; (ii) information which enters the public domain otherwise than as a result of an unauthorised disclosure; or (iii) information which is or becomes lawfully available to the recipient party from a third party who has the lawful power to disclose such information to the recipient party on a non-confidential basis. Information is not to be considered to be in the public domain for the purposes of this EULA unless it is lawfully available to the general public from a single source without restriction on its use or disclosure.
  • Content means data, text, illustrations, photos, audio, video, any combination of these or other material supplied and inputted by you, or with your authority into the Site.
  • Intellectual Property means all intellectual property rights as defined by Article 2 of the World Intellectual Property Organisation Convention of 1967, in any inventions, designs, trademarks, trade names, circuit layouts, plant varieties, business and domain names, logos and get-up, confidential information, matter, materials or works accessible on or via the Site.
  • Moral Rights has the same meaning as moral rights under Part IX of the Copyright Act 1968 (Cth) or any other analogous rights, that exist, or that may come to exist, anywhere in the world
  • Payment Method means a current, valid, accepted method of payment, which you may update from time to time
  • Services means mean those services, if any, provided to you in addition to the Site including, without limitation training, payment gateways, bank feeds or SMS services. Where the services are supplied by a third party, they may be the subject of separate terms stipulated by the provider.
  • Site refers to materials and services delivered on or through the website located at the domain name
    TRW, we, our and us refer to The RW Collection Pty Ltd (ACN 151 054 563) and its related bodies corporate (as defined in the Corporations Law of Australia)

15.2 Interpretation

  • In this EULA except where the contrary intention is expressed:(a) headings are for reference only and do not affect the construction of this document;
    (b) words importing the singular include the plural and vice versa;
    (c) a reference to a party is to a party to this document, and includes a reference to the party’s legal personal representatives, successors in title and permitted assigns or as the case may be the party’s administrators and assigns;
    (d) a reference to any legislation includes regulations under it and any consolidations, amendments, re-enactments or replacements of any of them;
    (e) a reference to “A$”, “dollar” or “$” is to Australian currency;
    (f) a provision must be read down to the extent necessary to be valid. If it cannot be read down to that extent, it must be severed;
    (g) if any part of this document is prohibited, void, voidable, illegal or unenforceable, then that part is severed from this document but without affecting the continued operation of the remainder of the document;
    (h) where a party consists of two or more persons or a term is used in this document to refer to more than one party:
    (i) an obligation of those persons is joint and several; and
    (ii) a right of, or benefit to, those persons is held by each of them jointly and severally.

15.3 Assignment

  • You may not assign or otherwise deal with any of your rights under this EULA, without the prior written consent Mobile, which consent may be withheld in its absolute discretion.

15.4 Waiver

  • A waiver of a right, remedy or power must be in writing and signed by the party giving the waiver. A party does not waive a right, remedy or power if it delays in exercising, fails to exercise or only partially exercises that right, remedy or power.

15.5 Notices

  • Any notice given under these Terms & Conditions by either party to the other must be in writing by email and will be deemed to have been given on transmission.
  • Notices to us must be sent to or to any other email address notified by email to you by us.
  • Notices to you will be sent to the email address which you provided when setting up your access to the Site.

15.6 Entire agreement

  • This EULA constitutes the entire agreement and understanding between the parties as to the subject matter of this EULA. Any prior arrangements, agreements, representations or undertakings as to the subject matter of this EULA are superseded.

These Terms & Conditions were last reviewed on 1 March 2017.