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Rural Living – The Way I See It

I believe in a life with fewer distractions and more opportunities to dig deep into the things most important to me and the community.

I would like to see people being individuals, being proud of who they are and where they are from. People who are constantly contributing to that improvement.

I want to be a part of a community where people say, ‘I am from Goondiwindi and I really love it and this is what I do to make this a great place and I am proud of who I am and I am proud of how I live my life’ or ‘I’m from Roma’, ‘I’m from Mitchell’, ‘I’m from Mt Isa’ wherever.

‘I’ am from, this is who I am, and therefore I am proud to be here”.

Not ‘Hi I’m Julia and I am from Goondiwindi and I tried living in Brisbane but the traffic got to me and I got parking fines so I thought I better live somewhere else’.

That for me is not what I see.

I genuinely believe that our regional areas have got the answers to lots of the challenges that we have as a country. I think we don’t realize it because we take some of our rural values and everyday lifestyle for granted.

I’m excited about being a part of the world that will be able to make a difference, help how people see things and how things happen.

For an example, population movement and demographics is a much hot topic in the country.

How do we balance and create a rural society that’s thriving?

Yes. Millennials and young, capable locals are leaving rural areas, yet we have got great skill sets in some of our migrant communities who would love to live in Goondiwindi or Charleville, or love to work in Rockhampton etc.

I think it is a very exciting time to live regionally and we should be proud of the development that surrounds us. Other than some slow bandwidth from time to time, there is nothing we can’t do in a regional centre that could be done in a capital city or a bigger centre.

We need to stop using excuses and see rural-living as a benefit.

I can do a lot more for Goondiwindi in the broader community than I could if I lived in inner-city Brisbane because I can access decision makers, I can ring the mayor, I can talk to a federal or state member easily because they are accessible.

Also, there are simply less distractions. It’s no brainer that novelists and book writers often retreat to rural areas to write. You don’t hear the constant beeps and noises of urban or suburban traffic. You can just buckle down and focus on what you need to accomplish.

The lack of distractions makes it easier to focus on the task at hand and focus on your goals as well.

A rural environment provides all of these things.

What are your thoughts?



August 29, 2017

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