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Techy Mentor Clarity Session

Techy Mentor Clarity Session

by Kate McCarthy [Techy Mentor]


Helping rural, regional & remote women in business gain clarity and take action on using online tools, marketing strategies and business tools to grow their business online.

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Kate McCarthy [Techy Mentor]


I can steer you through the jungle of social media, email marketing, building your website, online marketing, blogging, webinars and branding.

As an experienced business coach and online marketing techy mentor I will guide you through all the marketing tools and strategies that you need to grow your business online.

Many of my clients know that the techy jobs are essential for any modern, competitive online business, but it just isn’t what their passionate about. They simply find it difficult to muster the enthusiasm, especially when they come up against obstacles.

If this is you, you probably feel like all the hard work focusing on what you don’t enjoy is distracting you from doing what you love, this will inevitably impact on your motivation to reach your goals.

Many of my clients work from home in isolated rural locations and don’t know where to turn to for support. Everyone needs guidance sometimes; let me be that guide.


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