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Webinar Solutions Discussion

Webinar Solutions Discussion

by Vivian Evans - Making IT Happen!

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45 Minute Discussion to see if webinars could be a solution/strategy for your Business or Not for Profit

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Vivian Evans - Making IT Happen!

Vivian Evans offers services related to online Webinar facilitation, Event Management, Connecting Communities and is stepping into personal Life Coaching. Vivian has a particular focus on enabling individuals, small business and Communities to reach their goals. See More on www.vivianevans.com.au


Vivian Evans is an experienced online webinar facilitator, a supportive knowledgable partner ready to connect you online, to engage and share your story, skills and resources to the world.

I have over 10 years experience in effective facilitation of online webinars as an educator, working with a broad range of adult students; I have helped volunteers of not for profit organisations connect, collaborate and gain core skills and knowledge; and I have partnered with small business to engage with current and future clients.

I am a professionally qualified Synchronous Learning Expert. I know how important it is to engage with participants in the online live webinar environment and the many ways this can be achieved.

When participants hook into your live webinar they want to feel welcome, supported and engaged in the information you are sharing. They want to be able to ask questions, make comments, to sit back and watch (if that’s their style) and to have opportunities to actively participate in a variety of ways.

The ideal way to connect with a group online is to work in partnership so you can present your key information and resources and know that you have a partner to support and assist you and all your participants. I am that essential partner – your co-facilitator.

I pride myself in being cool and calm when it comes to the virtual world and delivering live. That’s what you need to take the pressure off. That’s what you need to step into the world of online webinars and connect with your team or clients.

Interested? Register to arrange a no obligation meeting time to discuss your ideas and needs to see if and how I can most effectively help YOU ‘Make IT Happen!’

Vivian Evans – Making it Happen!


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