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Inspired Love Bombs Greeting Cards – 10 Pack

Inspired Love Bombs Greeting Cards – 10 Pack

by Samille's Inspired

$16.95 GST

A gorgeous pack of 10 greeting cards we call Inspired Love Bombs! Notes to leave to inspire and spread the love!

Samille's Inspired

I believe the world is amazing, it's why I created Inspired! Yet if you watch mainstream media you’ll be assailed by doom and gloom. I launched Inspired to share stories, products and events that uplift, engage and inspire! Enjoy!


Sometimes it’s the sharing of sincere compliments, warm smiles and random acts of kindness that can make others feel great, and, in the process fill us with that wonderful glow of kindness.

To help you spread the love, and enjoy the warm and fuzzies that result, we dare you to drop an Inspired Love Bomb on someone. Simply order the cards, fill them in, and spread the love. You may choose to post them in the mail, put them under someone’s car windscreen wiper or pop it on their keyboard. Just think of the smiles, warmth and love that will result.


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