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Issue 1 Inspired Magazine – Digital

Issue 1 Inspired Magazine – Digital

by Samille's Inspired

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Inspired Magazine profiles the people striving to make our world better. We hope their inspiring stories fire you up with the power of possibility and inspire you to be your best self Enjoy!

Samille's Inspired

I believe the world is amazing, it's why I created Inspired! Yet if you watch mainstream media you’ll be assailed by doom and gloom. I launched Inspired to share stories, products and events that uplift, engage and inspire! Enjoy!


The first issue of Inspired Magazine features the inspiring stories of people striving to make the world better. It includes stories like the tale of the Perth housewife who launched a children’s home, school and a whole heap more in Cambodia after meeting a mother who’d sold her baby for $20 for money to feed the rest of the family. Or the tale of a charity in Afghanistan that is changing kids’ lives by enticing them from the streets with skateboards and providing formal education. There are more personal stories too, like the woman who acted as surrogate mum to carry a baby for her sister – a real tear jerker. Or the Mid West woman’s heart-wrenching tale of her life with an autistic son, or the Aussie lass who’s risking her life to save rhinos from gun-wielding poachers in Africa.


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