"From Little Things Big Things Grow"

You are a socially conscious, innovative and future focused organisation and we would feel proud to partner with you to achieve the realisation of our shared Mission - to create meaningful change and bring renewed economic and social value and vitality to rural, regional and remote communities across Australia.

I’m inviting you to become a Sponsor Partner in THE Seed Scheme, explained in this proposal.

During the first 12 months, THE Seed Scheme expects to enable the development of 700 rurally based, women-led online micro-enterprises, nationwide, injecting $17.5 Million or more into the rural economy and returning enormous social value to the participating Founders, Sponsor Partners and their communities.

I look forward to partnering with you to achieve great things.

May you bloom where you are planted,

Rebel Black
CEO & Founder
THE Rural Woman


Our goal is that through training, mentoring and community support, every online micro-enterprise Founder achieves:

  • Clarity  in her vision and ambition, in her product/service, in her financial goal and profitability, in her marketing and sales processes,
  • Confidence in herself, to take her product/service to market, in her ability to succeed
  • Connection to the tools and training she needs to achieve her goals, the technology required to take her product/service to market and manage it effectively, to other micro-enterprise Founders for mutual support, advice, collaboration and encouragement, connection to Sponsor Partners and their extended network


We expect, from the work we’ve been doing with women in business for the past 4 years and from ATO data, that the average first year annual turnover will be $35,000 with turnover ranging from $15,000 - $55,000.

Our goal will be for 60% of Founders to achieve average or above turnover goals with profitability as a core focus. With a scaffolded support and education approach, we expect that a percentage of our micro-enterprise Founders will go on to become small businesses
and a further percentage will become medium businesses which will see the economic and social impact of this Scheme expand exponentially in years and decades to come.


Our goal for Sponsor Partners is that they are connected to the direct economic and social revival of Rural Australia through the seed-funding they provide, and achieve a meaningful connection to a group of motivated and successful community of rural women and are able
to capitalise on that for their unique needs and outcomes.


Who And Where Are Our Sponsor Partners

Your organisation is socially conscious, innovation and investment focused, and deeply passionate about rural Australia progressing and succeeding. Sponsor Partners can include:

Local Government, State Government, Federal Government, Governing Bodies, Banks, Regional Development Australia, Corporate Business, Philanthropists, Giving Circles, Business, Community, Employment, Drought and Indigenous Support Organisations, Media, Mining Companies or Individuals.

“From little things big things grow”
- Paul Kelly


THE Rural Woman’s mission is to re-imagine connection for isolated people and to enable rural women to both #livelocalgrowglobal and #bloomwheretheyareplanted.

Since launching in 2014 the team has been delivering award-winning world-class mentoring, training and coaching in business, leadership and personal development. With the head office located in the outback opal mining town of Lightning Ridge, NSW, the business has a team of 15 across Australia and Asia including coaches, administrative, tech and training consultants, a membership of 100+ active users and a weekly reach of 20,000, THE Rural Woman is a rapidly expanding influencer and activator in the use of technology and micro-enterprise to catalyse the renewal of rural communities in Australia and across the world.

In 2015 we were recognised as a Regional Online Hero by Google and Regional Australia Institute and in 2016 we won the Lexus & Collective Hub Start Up Award.


In late 2017 we partnered with an Australian tech company, aptness.io, and launched


An innovative platform providing a cutting edge eco-system for rurally based female-led micro enterprises wanting to start or scale online. Incorporating global best practice from the start up, micro-financing and online business communities with an innovative learning management system delivering training in business, leadership and personal growth, a social network enabling connection between users and a multi-functional tech suite providing a one login online business management platform for Members. The system incorporates a multi-vendor marketplace where Vendor’s products and services are aggregated into one ‘super-store’ by rural women for the world, providing leverage and connectivity never before experienced by women doing business in isolation - geographically or otherwise.


Micro-Enterprise Founders are women drawn from across Australia who have an idea or a passion for starting a new venture and require seed-funding and support to get started!

Founders will be selected through a competitive application process for the region/area of the Sponsoring Partner’s choice.

Priority will be given to women who are:

  • Living in a Rural Regional or Remote locality
  • Wanting to start a business (while still employed)
  • Currently un-employed or under-employed (part time/casual
  • Aged 55+
  • Indigenous
  • Impacted by drought
  • In an area of high socio-economic disadvantage
  • From a migrant or refugee background
  • Seeking off-farm income
  • Interested in value adding existing product
  • Experiencing isolation
  • Demonstrating a willingness to invest in themselves
    (20% of cost of program $6/week for first 12 months)
  • Products and services sold through the platform incur a 12.5% fee which Founders must consider in their pricing



Your Scholarship Partnership will provide 80% seed-funding to micro-enterprise Founders to engage in the 12 month Program below:

The funds provided will enable Founders receive:

  • 12 months Mentoring in a PROVEN online Business, Leadership and Personal Development Program.
  • 12 months access to the technology required to start or scale an online business and become members of THE Rural Woman online community.
  • Access to an online micro-enterprise ecosystem for connecting with other Founders for support, advice and encouragement


  • Founders must agree to participate fully in all aspects of the program and make a commitment to meet deadlines and follow the established program
  • Founders must ensure they have good access to internet
  • Founders will contribute 20% of the cost to participate - $6/week to the Scheme to ensure they have ‘skin in the game’ and are used to paying a monthly fee. Once the seed-funding period ends they will be required to pay $48/month for continued access to weekly training, support and the technology beyond the initial 12 months
  • Founders agree to launching at least 1 product or service during the course of 12 months with a focus on doing what they love, being of service, profitability and scalability
  • Products and services sold


We believe what goes around comes around and it makes smart business sense to develop regenerative practices in business.

It’s why all Founders products and services are listed in THE Rural Woman Marketplace which is promoted to encourage rural women to buy from each other fostering the #livelocalgrowglobal movement.

It’s also why we have a re-funding model built into THE Seed Scheme, ensuring the funded Founders are returning the support they received (paying it forward) and that the business is reinvesting in the growth and expansion of our programs and technology.

Of the 20% contributed by Founders:
25% = 50% scholarship for 1 Australian Woman in 2019/2020 Seed Scheme
25% = contribution to a Micro Finance Project in a developing nation to support women into micro-enterprise
50% =contribution to a ‘Growth Funding Pool’ whereby Founders can pitch for loans to grow their micro-enterprise to the next level


We manage the process from beginning to end, with as much involvement of you and your team as you desire.

Step 1: Partnership Agreement outlining the responsibilities of each party, the geographic area for focus on, reporting and evaluation frameworks
Step 2: Marketing Application process
Step 3: Applicants reviewed and selected by THE Seed Scheme Panel which includes Sponsor Partners
Step 4: Applicants announced and onboarded
Step 5: 12 month program commences
Step 6: Quarterly review and reporting
Step 7: Program end and evaluation


Let us help you contribute to the economic potential of the women in your community!

We have Seed-Funding packages starting at $6,000 + gst for small organisations and Councils which enables the development of 10 women-led micro-enterprises in one geographic location and from $12,000+ gst for large organisations which enables the development of 20 women-led micro-enterprises in one geographic location.

Multiple locations can be selected, however sponsorship must be in increments of 10 or 20 scholarships as this will provide the opportunity for local clusters to emerge and be best supported by the online eco-system.

We welcome Sponsorship from single organisations across multiple locations/states.

We also encourage industry specific seed-funding for micro-enterprises.

For an additional $5000+ per cluster of 10 Founders we can offer a face to face Digital Literacy Workshop that will significantly improve the confidence and camaraderie of the women in that cluster.

Please contact our CEO Rebel Black to discuss your options and how we can best serve the needs of your organisation and the women in your region.
phone: 0419 369 380
email: [email protected]