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What no one told me about fitness

What no one told me about fitness – the journey to your goal is the part you’ll remember 

When I started on my journey to become a fitter and healthier version of myself I had a picture in my mind of the end result. This happy, smiling fit looking girl running on the beach without a worry in the world. This picture of our goal as a reality is a well excepted and important beginning step in reaching a goal. I’m not sure if I actually look like that when I run, but the truth is I have been living in my goal for years; so if you’re wondering if that concept works, it does

What I didn’t anticipate was the joy of the journey. It’s not quite like it is in the movies, with the power music, sexy sweat and grit images lasting for a good thirty seconds. It was more like countless efforts to start running, something I’m not naturally good at combined with a genuine lack of fitness. It also came with pressures of people around me (pressure I no doubt imagined) with many questions like ‘what are you doing? Of course that was when other people noticed, as when I started I went to great efforts for people not to know. But was it all doom and gloom? 

Are you kiddiM​ng, it was the best part. That feeling when I first ran down to our front gate and back, 2.5km and the first time I ever ran to our house cattle yards and back (distance unknown). I did that one in the dark with two dogs. They were as excited for the run as me! Then I started creating some habits, and I felt people around me started getting used to my behaviour, which was actually just myself getting used to my own habits. The positive benefits my improved fitness and confidence then started having positive effects on my personal and work life

Trucking is one of my favourite jobs. I remember one morning when we were trucking I got up early and went for a jog down to the gate and back. It was a strange morning as there it was very foggy which is unusual in our country. The truck driver commented at the breakfast table about how strange it was to climb out of his bunker out in the desert to see a blonde jogging girl appear out of the fog. I often tell this story when I’m presenting as this moment was telling for me. I felt as though I had done one better than my original goal of running at the beach by running on a beautiful morning in the desert in the fog before going to work to do one of my favourite jobs. I have a million stories like this. They seem like such small things but they have brought me great joy

The point is to enjoy the journey. It will only be what you make it, so make it creative and reflect on how great it is. Enjoy the little wins, the little moments and look back on them and thank yourself being there. I hope that like me you will be immersed in the joy of the journey and one day realise you have not only reached your original goal but have surpassed it  


The journey of health and fitness in life is exciting and creative – and leads to a beautiful place of happiness, go out and enjoy x

October 10, 2017

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